We understand that being an elite athlete means placing constant stress on your body, it means dealing with pressures to perform on and off the field, and most importantly, it mean’s taking care of yourself - mind and body. 


Having lived in the world of high-level athletics, we are strong believers in the value of yoga to get ahead of major injuries, as well as its ability to help players maintain optimum form year-round. 

Incorporating a regular yoga practice for athletes goes way beyond just stretching. We train how to move the body with proper alignment. We look at how to calm the mind to eliminate unnecessary stress and distractions. And we help to encourage flexibility in ways that enhance performance, while maintaining power. 


"In my opinion, EVERY athlete ...has the potential to enhance his or her ability by adopting a consistent yoga practice. I’d go so far as to say that if you’re not practicing yoga, you’re competing at a disadvantage and missing an opportunity to enhance peak performance."

- Rich Roll , Mindbody Green