Annette Corbin

Founder, Director of Training
and Creator of YogaSport

Annette Co-founded The Athlete Practice with her husband, Jovon, in an effort to close the athletic gap between performance and recovery. She is also the creator or YogaSport, a flow based recovery specifically designed for competitive athletes. 


A long-time athlete and former professional soccer player, Annette found yoga to be an amazing practice that challenged her, while preserving her joints and improving her flexibility. She believes a consistent yoga practice for athletes has the potential to dramatically alter the landscape of injury prevention, sports psychology, body mechanics and proper movement-based alignment.


500hr E-RYT Moksha Yoga Chicago

200hr CorePower Yoga

Jovon Corbin

Managing Partner



Jovon brings a unique background to the PRACTICE that focuses on functional movement as part of injury prevention and strength training. Once a collegiate sprinter, Jovon uses his history to deliver an experience that is well-rounded, dynamic and effective. 


G.I.F.T (Gray Institute of Functional Training) Fellow

Graduate of the PRACTICE Teacher Training



Yoga designed for athletes

YogaSport is a style of yoga designed with the athlete in mind; the intention being to close the gap between performance and recovery.

Working with athletes, we learned really quickly  that it's not enough to just copy and paste a standard vinyasa class. We found that certain aspects weren't as useful for athletes, simply because they get their strength training elsewhere. Things like chatarungas (or push up transitions), the longer standing poses and the core work often associated with power yoga were counterproductive. Whereas, the flow, the breath-work and the longer stretches were perfect for preventative and recovery measures. 

So we designed three formats under the YogaSport umbrella that play on the major tenants of yoga - mindful movement, guided breath, alignment and muscular integration.